Proper Maintenance is Imperative for a Healthy Rose Garden.

Not all growth is good growth. Knowing what to cut out and what to cut back can be tricky and there is only so much growth hormone to go around. Deliberate and careful pruning maximizes what the plant can produce.

Deadheading is another way to keep a rose bush healthy. Not only does it promote new growth and more blooms, but it also goes a long way in prevention of insects and diseases.

The third component in maintenance is weed control. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also steal nutrients and moisture from the other plants in the garden. An aggressive plan of attack to prevent and eliminate weeds is absolutely necessary for any healthy garden. This is accomplished by deploying the proper pre-emergent herbicides, manual elimination, and post-emergent herbicides.

It can take an exorbitant amount of time and energy to properly maintain a rose garden. When you call the Rose Doctor, we take care of everything at the frequency that you desire. For some, that frequency is weekly. For others, it may be biweekly or monthly.

If you’re anywhere in Greater Cincinnati, including Northern Kentucky, the Rose Doctor will meet you to provide a free consultation for maintaining your roses. 

Pruning Tools Hanging in Workshed
Three shovels preparing garden surrounded by weeds
Gardener pruning rose in rose garden

Over 20 Years Experience

The Rose Doctor has been creating and maintaining the Greater Cincinnati’s private and public rose gardens for over 20 years. 

FAQs — Rose Garden Maintenance

Our first meeting with a prospective client is a free consultation. We want to fully understand your situation and needs, while helping you understand understand our process, any recommendations, and possible costs.

As much or as little as you want. Our maintenance plan includes all the basics (pruning, deadheading, and even a spray program). But we’re happy to tailor our maintenance plan to your unique needs.

The Rose Doctor (aka Brandon Snow) personally maintains your roses himself on a schedule that has been worked out with you.

Create a beautiful Rose garden in any yard with Ideas & Expertise from the Rose Doctor.