Create a Rose Garden

There's More to a Rose Garden than Roses...Let's Create One Together.

Creating a beautiful, healthy rose garden is not as easy as buying some roses from the local nursery, grabbing some gloves, a shovel, and getting to work planting.

It takes careful, strategic planning to create a vibrant, healthy, and lasting rose garden.

There are many factors that must be considered to “get it right the first time.” 

For example, we have to account for your location in Cincinnati and Kentucky. The location, soil composition, proximity to other landscape features, types of roses that will have the best chance to thrive, drainage, irrigation, and several other factors must be considered.

When you call the Rose Doctor, we get it right the first time. Together, we can design your garden to thrive. We work with a top notch team, use our specially formulated soil blends, make sure it gets enough water that drains properly, and help you select the roses that will make sure your rose garden is a botanical masterpiece for years to come.

Man designing a garden
Hands holding roots of new plant
Beautiful rose garden design with archway over path

Over 20 Years Experience

The Rose Doctor has been creating and maintaining the Greater Cincinnati’s private and public rose gardens for over 20 years. 

FAQs — Rose Garden Creation

Our first meeting with a prospective client is a free consultation. We want to fully understand your situation and needs, while helping you understand understand our process, any recommendations, and possible costs.

Quite a lot actually. From designing your rose garden to preparing your rose garden to installing your rose garden, we will handle as much or as little as you need. No matter how involved you want us to be, we have the capability and expertise to make your project successful.

The Rose Doctor (aka Brandon Snow) will personally handle any consultation, design, and creation of your new rose garden. He will lead or assist with as much (or as little) of the project as you desire.

Create a beautiful Rose garden in any yard with Ideas & Expertise from the Rose Doctor.